Shopping Paleo in Edmonton and On-line

Since I started paleo, my cupboards look drastically different. No longer are they filled with pre-packaged snack foods, whole wheat, oats, rice cakes, quinoa, etc.  Now you will find raw honey, coconut oil, nuts, coconut flour, etc.  Making the transition wasn’t easy.  It takes a little bit of time to figure out what to keep on hand and how much to buy.  I never thought I would be saving bacon fat… However, I am finding more and more that those “specialty” items that I need are available at regular supermarkets and not just the specialty grocers.

If you are looking for a listing of staples to keep on hand, check out the Balanced Bites website.  It’s a great resource!

To help you all out in your paleo journey, here are some of the places I have bought some of the staples, some here in Edmonton, others online. Good luck! Let me know if you know of some others!

In town

Save On Foods

I buy a lot of my groceries from Save On.  Their produce is fresh and, when possible, local. They also carry a pretty good selection of paleo friendly items (without the high prices at other specialty stores).

Here are the things that I get there:

    • Coconut oilenjoy-life
    • Other oils (avocado, olive oil, etc)
    • Coconut milk
    • Coconut cream concentrate
    • Ghee
    • Vinegars
    • Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
    • Coconut Sugar
    • Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour


Planet Organic

Planet Organic can get expensive! We buy our grass-fed beef there and a few other things that we have trouble finding anywhere else. In the new year, we are going to buy directly from the farm that supplies them with their frozen grass-fed beef TK Ranch.  Fingers crossed Santa brings us a freezer for Christmas!

Here is what you can find at Planet Organic:

    • Red Palm Oilcoconut-aminos
    • Coconut Aminos
    • Coconut Nectar
    • Coconut Crystals
    • Coconut Flour
    • Almond Flour
    • Grass-fed Beef
    • Coconut butter
    • Beef Jerky
    • Bison Pepperoni
    • Kelp Noodles


Real Deal Meats – 2435 Ellwood Drive

Real Deal Meats is a local butcher that carries grass-fed beef.  All of their meat products are fresh.  They carry organic meats & free-range bison, pork, chicken & yak cross-angus are also available every day.

They also carry fresh hutterite farm eggs and certified organic eggs. All of their smoked products are made in-store and do NOT contain any WHEAT, MSG, or GLUTEN. They also offer some seafood products such as salmon, halibut, crab legs, and tiger prawns when in season.

You will find high quality meats here.  They also have tasty beef jerky, bacon, chicken, etc.

Bulk Barn

Bulk Barn also carries a variety of items at a reasonable cost. They carry almost any dried fruit, nut or spice you can think of! You can also get coconut oil and coconut flour there.




Amazon is a good resource to buy some things as well.  It’s going to be a little bit more expensive and some things don’t ship to Canada.  I got a US Shipping address through Reship (super easy!).  I also found that the .COM site has a better selection of items than the .CA site.

Here are some of the things you can find there:


Steve’s Original

On Steve’s Original you can find paleo friendly items such as jerky, chicken jerky, paleo kits, dried fruits, sauces and paleo krunch. AND 15% of proceeds from Steve’s Original products go to helping to bring CrossFit, nutrition and personal development to youth.

Tropical Traditions

I haven’t put in an order from here yet but I plan to soon.  I’ll let you know how it goes when I do.

What I plan on ordering:

    • Coconut oil
    • Expeller-pressed coconut oil (supposed to have little taste)
    • Palm Shortening


Nikki’s Coconut Butter


Nikki’s Coconut Butter makes FLAVOURED coconut butter that is gluten and dairy free. Theyhave 6 flavours: Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie, Vanilla Cake Batter, Midnight Mocha, Macadamia Nut Cookie, Cashew Crumble and Honey Pecan Pie.

They don’t ship to Canada, I had no problem using my Reship account.

13 thoughts on “Shopping Paleo in Edmonton and On-line”

  • Thanks for all the great information. I have just recently discovered the primal/paleo lifestyle. Starting eating this way just before Christmas. I feel so great since eliminating all grains and sugar from my diet, I just can’t believe it has taken so long to find out about this. Currently reading Mark Sisson’s book and just finished Practical Paleo which I picked up at Costco. Really enjoyed/ing both books. Having some trouble finding some things so this post will really help.

  • Glad to find this site! Have you ever bought Hutterite chickens or eggs direct from the source? One kijiji listing I saw said the chickens were all grain fed. Hopefully some free ranging and digging in the dirt is also included.

    In Sherwood Park there is a butcher called The Butcher Block. It’s a good source for meat and eggs, and I’ve found duck fat there more than once.

    I recently bought a quarter cow, but before I was getting monthly deliveries from EAT Food for Life (you can find them using google.) They do monthly drop offs at two Edmonton locations on a subscription model.

    • I know Real Deal Meats sells Hutterite chickens and a few of the colonies come into the Farmers’s Markets in and around town (Edmonton and Sherwood Park). Thanks for the other resources! I’ll have to check them out.

  • Hutterite Farmers? I heard their farming is like conventional farmers and so I’m going to presume that they grain feed their chickens also. I buy all my eggs from Big Coulee Farms. I’ve been a customer with them for 5 years now and always quality eggs. They come buy Edmonton & St. Albert on alternate weeks. I highly recommend them 🙂

  • Hi, I’m so happy I found your blog! I’ve been Paleo since Dec 2012 and fairly new to Edmonton so this posting was helpful! I was wondering if you know of anywhere in the area to buy grassfed butter. I understand there are fairly strict dairy laws in Canada but I have read that there are a few brands out there but I haven’t had much success in Edmonton yet.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Planet Organic has Kiwi brand grass fed butter, and the Enjoy Centre usually stocks it (St. Albert), but they are currently out. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this information. I was wondering if you have been able to find a way to get grass fed butter? It seems very difficult to get grass fed butter in Canada.

  • This is a great blog.
    I myself started Paleo-autoimune Dec 2014 and am already feeling much better. So happy I came across this diet and way of living!
    Some of the recipes, am using Sarah Ballantyne’s Cookbook, are asking for palm shortening. Is any of Edmonton stores offering that?

  • This is an absolutely wonderful source of info for someone starting out on the paleo path in Edmonton! Thank you so much!!

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