Weight Loss – Expect Peaks and Valleys

It’s Saturday morning, you have been killing it in the gym, you ate perfectly all week, and you go to step on the scale. You are pretty sure that, because you were basically the poster child for perfect health this week, you must have lost at least 5 pounds. You glance down at the scale and NOTHING…no change in weight… Are you kidding me?

Before you decide to dive head first into the bag of M&Ms since there is no point in eating those egg whites for breakfast, I want you to know that it’s normal.

weightloss-peaks-valleysAlong your weight loss journey, you are going to see peaks, valleys and no changes. There are lots of reasons why that can be happening and things you can do if you stall out over the course of a few weeks. However, I want you to know that what we are looking for is a general trend down. Some weeks even might go up slightly (peaks) and you might have a big drop (valley)…but as long as the trend OVERALL is that your weight loss is going down, that is what we are looking for.

At the end of the day, the scale is there as ONE measure of progress. It does not define who we are nor if we are a good person or not. If you find that the scale is a trigger for you, use other measures of progress instead. These can be things such as pictures (front, side and back), measurement (waist, hips, bust), how your clothes fit, tracking your healthy habits, etc.

It is not what we do on any singular day that makes a difference, it is the consistent effort on a daily basis that will get us to our goals. No matter if you goals are fitness, weight loss, relationship or career based; it is our daily habits that will lead to success. What is one habit, you can start TODAY, that will lead toward your goals?

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