Navigating the Holiday Meal

Before we even start to talk about strategies, take a moment to set your INTENTION. Are you planning on adhering to your plan 100% or are you willing to be flexible? If you know it is unreasonable to say no to Grandma’s Spectacular Stuffing, then don’t! Work it in. That is the beauty with flexible dieting.

Some tips to help you navigate the holiday meal:

– PLAN AHEAD. Are you going over to Uncle Joe’s for dinner? Ask what you will be having and put in placeholders in MyFitnessPal of what you plan on having.

– CONTRIBUTE. Love dessert? Offer to bring a dessert to dinner that won’t derail your progress.

– USE SMALLER PLATES. We eat with our eyes and if your plate looks sparse, you “feel” like you are missing out. Use a smaller plate to keep portion sizes in check…and to prevent having to pop open that top button of your pants.

– PORTION YOUR PLATE – There will be healthy choices. Be sure to fill your plate with your lean protein and vegetables FIRST!

– TRADE OFF. Like I said earlier, if Grandma is making her Spectacular Stuffing and you know that you HAVE TO have it, then HAVE IT! But do you also need the dinner rolls that you can have any time of the year?

– VISUAL SERVING SIZES. The palm of your hand is about 3-6 oz (depends on the size of you, so this is a good protein serving), your fist is about 1 cup, your cupped hand is about 1/2 cup and your thumb is about 1 tablespoon

– PEER PRESSURE. It amazes me that at our age, people pressure us into things like eating and drinking. I’m good to say no, you make the decision FOR YOU. You can also offer to take home the baked goods that someone made for you.

– BE FLEXIBLE. It’s the holidays, be flexible. BUT get back on your plan. Don’t let one or two meals turn into one or two weeks.

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