Meet Steph

I’m 43, have 2 kids (8/6) and have ALWAYS put everybody else before me. I lead an active lifestyle up until the first-born came playing high level Ultimate Frisbee, ball hockey, spin classes, Bootcamp and enjoying the outdoors. That all came to an abrupt end and the 10lbs I used to gain every winter and drop during the summer also shared the same fate. Year by year I gained 10lbs to eventually hit 300lbs. A number I always feared hit me directly in the face (pardon the pun). I really felt like a loser and a failure, I didn’t give a shit. My hiding behind the fact that I was a “big boned” guy wasn’t fooling any one anymore and my dr’s test results were backing up that fact. I was pre-diabetic and my cholesterol was nearing a level that I’d need to take pills for. 

I started CrossFit September 2017, I was at 275lbs, and was coming into it having lost 25lbs working hard over the summer biking. By that January I was back at 300lbs and very depressed about it. Years ago I had taken bootcamp and spin classes where Shannon was my instructor, life came full circle for me being in Shannon and Glenn’s CrossFit gym. I’ve always appreciated her honesty and felt comfortable around her. But taking that next step was still extremely hard and intimidating. I couldn’t be happier having made the decision and haven’t looked back. I had no expectations starting this process, I just needed help and somebody to put me on a path. Weight loss is not pretty, nor does it have a pretty line straight down. It will take a lot of work and determination but with some great help it can’t be done. 

What I found funny about this process was how true all those cliché lines (trust the process, 1% better everyday, etc..) have been. I used to hear them and laugh but looking back on my journey so far it hits me how REAL they are. Shannon helps me keep in check with myself, making small changes or adjustments as we go along. She’s a great resource and somebody I can trust to bounce ideas off and helps me look at things from angles I might not have thought off. 

I don’t have any great tips but what I do know is that you need to release yourself from all the negative thoughts and truly embrace this as a life long endeavour. You’re making changes that will guide you forever! 

If I look back at the several months I’ve been working with Shannon I see that I’ve made some MAJOR shifts in my eating habits and its paying off. These things didn’t happen overnight, through learning and working on my ups and downs I’ve managed to sustain a much better relationship with food and a better understanding of what my body needs. My old self would just quit or not even attempt implementing any changes, yet here I am, several months into this and I’ve dropped 40lbs and have set myself on a great path for my future! I continue to improve at the gym and look forward to the next goals. 

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