My 2019 Commitments

Welcome to 2019! I am not going to tell you about how you have 365 days to write a good book or whatever inspirational messages have been making the rounds on social media. I believe that no matter if it is Jan 1 or July 18th, you have the choice to make the life you want. Want to know the secret to having the life you want? Ready? It’s about taking control. Taking command of your choices and actions. It’s that simple.

Rather than setting New Year’s Resolutions, I set commitments. Commitments to myself. Commitments that will help me become the person I want and have the life I want. Here they are:

  1. Read one book a month. I also made a list of the books that I want to tackle in the first quarter. I think one book a month is doable based on my schedule.
  2. Attend the High Performance Academy.
  3. Run a half marathon. This is dependant if my body cooperates. My plan is to run one in Hawaii in Sept.
  4. Travel 2x for pleasure (not just business).
  5. Complete another Spartan Trifecta.
  6. Try 12 new studios/activities. I have a list of places like Cyclebar (that I went to this morning for 6am) and activities like climbing, barre, pilates, etc.
  7. Stretch daily (so my body can hold up for a half-marathon) and yoga at a studio 1x per week.
  8. Finish two certifications.
  9. This is the big one. My biggest obstacle that causes me the most guilt…stop watching Netflix before bed.
  10. Quit my full-time job so I can coach full-time.

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