Meet Jaqueline

I was born and raised in Venezuela and I have been living in Canada for 11 eleven years, happily married and have 2 girls. I come from a family where sports/physical activity were important and from a culture where how you look is even more important. Although I have been active most of my life, coming from a culture where how you look is so important, I struggled with my weight for so many years. I did many diets and hit the gym as much as I could, but diets were not sustainable, so it was ups and downs.

After having two girls the weight roller coaster was at the peak, and again what I knew was dieting and going to the gym. At that time I was looking for a faster change but not a lasting change. I reached a point where I was stuck and there was no direction, and going to the gym to do the same most of the time was boring, my motivation was not there.

I was looking for other options and CrossFit crossed my mind but when I started to see and know more about CrossFit, to be honest, it was overwhelming, and it seems that I have forgotten that being challenged is totally ok. After a casual conversation with a friend of mine, he recommended me to give it a try and that the Crossfit Sherwood Park 101 class was a good start, almost 2 years after that I am still doing CrossFit and always motivated to go and hit the gym every single day.

After getting into CrossFit I saw changes, body weight, muscle and good performance, but again after a period of time there was no improvement, so I decided that I needed some help. There is a lot of information on internet, but I always believe that working with someone is a better option, because of the knowledge and because this journey was not going to be easy alone. There is a lot of information and I wouldn’t know how to approach it, how to use it and how to incorporate it.

Shannon was offering nutritional coaching and I heard about it at the right time. I was looking to lose weight and fat but no diets, I wanted to hear something new, get to know my body and food relationships.

When we started to talk it was like music to my ears because of her approach and what she offered was something I was looking for, it was new, refreshing and simple.

When I started, my expectation was to lose weight and fat, focusing on sustainable weight loss. I was looking for a lasting change, not a faster change. I was not expecting to lose eating so much food. It was important to me to have the freedom to decide what to eat. I did not change drastically what I was eating, what I changed was the amount and I started to make better choices. I started to understand food relationships and the benefits of it. It also important to mention that I was either not logging a meal one day of the week or just not logging a complete day, this freedom was needed and it made everything smooth and worthy.

I met my goal, I lost weight and fat, and more of what I was looking for, that is a huge accomplishment,  + my strength and performance improve as well. I am happy with the results……… working on making it sustainable.

Something that I really liked was every time we had a check-in Shannon started the conversation by asking about my day, about my feelings, about me. That meant a lot because she was creating that relationship and she wanted to know me and find the best way to provide ME guidance and help. Having someone that not only look at you as a client, but as a person and a friend, is a plus.

I chose Shannon because she was there at the right time at the right moment, I needed a change and she was willing to help. I liked her plan and what she offered. I liked that she was the co-owner of the gym, a CrossFit coach, a certified nutritional coach. She had the knowledge and I was curious and interested. In the end, I found a total stranger that I could trust and be honest. She was always available and would give me advice not necessarily on a check-in day.

I started this journey and I am proud of myself and happy with what I have accomplished but there is a more rewarding feeling when you look at your nutritional coach and she is smiling when you nail a movement, push yourself at the gym and most importantly having fun…………..Thanks Shannon!

If I were to give someone advice who is just getting started, it would be:

  • Learn more! I had never heard about macronutrients balance, I knew about carbs, protein and fats, but never thought about their relationship.
  • Logging your macronutrients. It is important to know what you are eating.
  • Water is so important
  • Good sleep, about 8+ hrs.
  • Consistency and Perseverance! Some days are good others not so good, but you just have to push yourself and find that motivation that will keep fueling your desire to do better, to get to that place where you want to be.
  • Support is also really important! Not only did I have a great coach, my husband supported me all the way.

“The route to lasting change and getting what you really want in life is through a sustained vision of the future. When you assemble a detailed vision of the future you want, and visit it regularly, it becomes an ongoing source of motivation to get there”……………..Totally true, A summary of my journey in this quote.It is worth a reading,

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