Weekend Eating

It’s Friday and you have made it through another tough week. The first thing you want to do when you get home is to crack that bottle of wine…and maybe have a couple of cookies…ice cream would also be pretty good… Next thing you know, it’s Sunday night, you haven’t even looked at a vegetable for days and you have trouble mustering the energy for the week.

Does that story sound somewhat familiar? Weekend eating is a struggle for a lot of people. Let’s talk about some ways that you can enjoy your weekends but still feel amazing heading into the coming week.

Create Structure

One of the biggest challenges people find on the weekend is a lack of structure so they tend to go with the flow. Next thing you know it’s 3 pm, you haven’t eaten yet and you are in the drive thru looking for something to satisfy you. Instead, try creating some structure around your days. Plan to have a balanced breakfast like my Butternut Squash & Sage Casserole or, another favorite of mine, protein pancakes with a side of maple chicken sausage (yum!). Make sure you have snacks that are balanced and easy to grab.

Plan for It

My husband and I like to go try new restaurants on the weekend. I know that I won’t be tracking that meal and it’s going to be more indulgent. The remainder of my day, I focus on making sure my meals are balanced. I make sure to get in plenty of protein. Truth be told, I struggle with my vegetable intake on the regular but I would also recommend that you get in lots of veggies throughout the day. It’s not all or nothing, make some room for the things your truly enjoy.

Change Your Environment

If you know that sitting on the couch watching Netflix on Friday is a recipe for overeating for you, then it’s time to change your environment. Our surroundings can have a big impact on our habits! Sometimes something as small as watching TV in a different room can change our habits. Another option would be to choose activities that doesn’t involve food. Instead of checking out by binging on Netflix, check in with yourself and others. Meet friends at the dog park, take a class, go for a hike, start a project…

Grocery Shop

Running out of healthy options definitely makes it more challenging to eat well. I like to do my grocery shopping on Friday nights. The store is quiet and I have access to healthy food all weekend long. This will also help with having structure. When you get home from grocery shopping, throw on Netflix and prep some snackings for the weekend.

Keep Up with Water

Make this a priority. Especially if you are eating out with food that is higher in sodium or if you are drinking. If you are enjoying some adult beverages, commit to drinking a glass of water in between each.

Make Common Sense Common Practice

If you truly can not stop eating the chips and salsa, stop bringing it into your home until you figure out why you can’t control yourself with those foods. Another thought on common sense, what would you do if I came into your house every weekend and threw my trash around your living room? You probably wouldn’t like me very much. That house is your body. Treat it well on the weekend.

What are some of your strategies for eating well on the weekend?

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